Production Policy
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Warranty policy
Warranty policy
1.     Somo warrants to customers that new equipment will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of twelve to eighteen months (six to twelve months for accessories) from the date of shipment under normal use and service.

2.     Somo will provide spare parts of and support for the products for not less than 5 years from Somo’s delivery of such products to distributor.

3.     Somo shall not be responsble for defects in the products resulting from modifications or changes in specifications of the products, or man-made destruction by the distributors.

4.     If the products is out off warranty time, our after-service department can help you solve problem by E-mail, Telephone, skype or any way you like. Only the basic spare cost need to be paid for exchange. Somo and the distributor will both share the freight cost for each side.

5.     Repair, exchange, and return services are available for Somo products. Customers should provide sufficient information about the defective machine, and should return the faulty parts or the complete machine to Somo for replacement upon Somo's confirmation.